Tutorial: WWF Facebook Group

Part of the joy of WWF membership is connecting with other smart, accomplished and motivated women. You asked for a way to more easily connect with each other – and we listened! We created a Facebook group for you to join and communicate directly with other members of WWF.

Ready to join? Let’s do it!

Step 1: Join the group

First, log into your personal Facebook page and CLICK HERE. Or you can search for “Washington Women’s Foundation Members” (below)

WWF Group 1

Next, when you find the “closed group,” you can either “join” immediately or click on the page to join. (Photos of both are below.)

WWF Group 2WWF Group 3
Since this is a closed group of just WWF members, an administrator will approve your request. Then you’re in!

Step 2: Read and Post

We hope you will use the Facebook group to:

  • Share invitations to community events that you are attending
  • Circulate board openings and engagement opportunities with not-for-profits with which you are affiliated
  • Organize carpools and pre-/post-event gatherings for WWF events
  • Ask questions and get answers about all things WWF

Posting is pretty easy too – just a couple of steps!

Group write post

At the top of the group “wall,” there is a space to write your post.

Group post

Write your message and click on “Post” to send to group and post on the wall.

Step 3: Manage Your Notifications

Are you not receiving notifications when someone posts in our Facebook group? Are you receiving more notifications than you wish? No problem – you are in control!

Facebook notifications

If you’d like to be notified more or less, click on “Notifications” on the group photo at the top. You can choose your notification preferences.

Group leave

If you would like to leave the group, you may always do so by clicking “Joined” on the group photo, then “Leave Group.”

We hope you enjoy your experience on WWF’s Facebook Group!

If you have any suggestions or questions, please email Megan anytime: megan@wawomensfoundation.org.

Through our groundbreaking model of women-powered, collective philanthropy, Washington Women’s Foundation has given out $15 million in transformative grants that enable not-for-profit organizations to improve lives, protect the environment, advance health and education and increase access to the arts throughout Washington state.

We invite all women to join us to make a more powerful impact in our community. The challenges ahead of us are never as great as the power behind us. www.wawomensfoundation.org 


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