Final 15 Organizations for Pooled Fund Grants

We have another exciting update for you! The Pooled Fund Grant Committee has selected 15 organizations to receive Site Visits. Scroll down to read more.

Wait….how does WWF’s grant process work again? Here’s a quick reminder:

  • January: The Grant Committee (made up of ~70 WWF members) studied ~270 Letters of Inquiry and prioritized 25 to move forward.
  • March/April: The Grant Committee evaluated 25 formal proposals and selected 15 organizations to receive site visits.
  • May: Teams of WWF members visit 15 organizations, and the Grant Committee selects the final 10 organizations to appear on the ballot.
  • June: All 475 members of WWF receive electronic ballots and vote to determine which 5 organizations will receive our large impact Pooled Fund Grant Awards of $100,000.

And without further ado, we present the 15 organizations that will receive Site Visits this year:

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Controlling Nervousness for Public Speaking

Did you know that public speaking is thought to be as stressful as divorce?? Yikes!

And yet, it is one of the most important professional skills that leaders can have. So how can we calm our nerves, reduce our stress and succeed as public speakers?

Last week, we welcomed back Arden Clise, the Pacific Northwest’s resident expert in business etiquette, to share her secrets for getting more comfortable with public speaking. Here are Arden’s top 10 ways to control nervousness:

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