International Partner Grant Winner!


The 2016 International Partner Grant Committee members completed an accelerated 12-week grant making process, researching and visiting a broad array of nonprofits in our region doing work abroad. Yesterday, the Committee announced the winner of their $15,000 grant. The winner is:

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Discovery Days 2015 Resources

Did you miss Discovery Days, or do you want more information on the topics discussed? You’re in luck! Scroll down to read more!

If you would prefer to hear full audio recordings of Discovery Days presentations, click here.

About Discovery Days: Discovery Days is the Foundation’s largest educational program each year and an opportunity for members and guests to better understand urgent issues facing our community and how philanthropy can make the most impact. Experts informed us in each of our five Pooled Grant funding areas: Arts, Education, Environment, Health, and Human Services. This year, we also held a special session on Philanthropy in honor of WWF’s 20th Anniversary. The event was held on November 4 & 10, 2015.
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9 Business Etiquette Tips for Women Leaders

Arden-Clise-loresWe were thrilled to welcome Arden Clise, the Pacific Northwest’s resident expert in business etiquette, to share her knowledge with our members and guests. As more women are stepping into leadership roles than ever before, the essentials of business etiquette are critically important in order to help make any professional, networking or board-related interaction more effective.

Here are Arden’s 9 takeaways for women leaders :

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